July Online Meeting

Good afternoon all. Tuesday the 21st will mark the 5th month of not meeting together at CU Woodshop School of Woodworking. When will we all meet again? It’s anybody’s guess right now. 

Last month we had a bit of a no show with our meeting. I had some medical issues that day and there wasn’t too much going on in the woodworking world. I’m ok, just don’t go ripping plants out of the ground without looking to see what kind of plants they are. (Poison Ivy and Wild Rhubarb are a nasty combination. )

This month we will go over a few things and try something new. What I am going to try to do this month is switch over to using Youtube instead of Facebook. We already have a Youtube channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/FlatlandWoodTurners

What I will be doing is live streaming our meeting to Youtube and then premier one of our previous demonstrations. I have a pretty big backlog of videos to edit and I think since that this idea spawned from a suggestion that Mike Warren brought up, I’ll have his demonstration on making a top as the first video.  So at 6:30 Central time, I’ll host a live video on Youtube and then, if I do this right, premier Mike’s Demo at 7:00 pm or right about that time.  People should be able to watch without having to setup an account like Facebook wants you to do. I’ll send out an email beforehand to remind everyone. 

So if you have any projects you would like to show off, send them into me before Tuesday’s meeting and I’ll get them up there. 

Stay safe out in the wood shops and I’ll talk to you all later!

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